Ribe - The historic city

Imagine being wed in the oldest Nordic city, overflowing with history along its cobblestone streets, and where fine and brilliantly colored houses from the Middle Ages stand shoulder to shoulder in the city center.


Ribe’s medieval center with its winding streets and beautiful buildings is the obvious choice for a romantic wedding. The setting for a civil ceremony in Ribe is quite exceptional.


Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall) in Ribe is Denmark's oldest Town Hall, built before 1496. From 1708, it was used as the city's town hall, where city council meetings were held until 2007. In the old public hall and along the hallways, there is collection of portraits of the vassals and county governors from 1600-1900.


Read more about Ribe’s Gamle Rådhus The Old Town Hall - Det Gamle Rådhus i Ribe.


Wedding on New Year's Eve at Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall)

Wedding on New Year's Eve at Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall).


Wedding in Ribe - the oldest Nordic city

Bumpy cobblestones, skewed buildings and beautiful nature - Ribe has it all

The wedding ceremony takes place in the public hall at The Old Town Hall, which is more than 500 years old. The beautiful hall gives a solemn mood, and white candles, fresh flowers and our enthusiastic wedding registrars create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The public hall has room for approximately 60 seated guests, so you are welcome to invite family and friends to the wedding.


Opportunity to enjoy a glass after the ceremony

If you would like to toast to the occasion and enjoy a drink after the ceremony, this can easily be accommodated. In order to ensure that the room will be available, please inquire at the wedding office or ask the staff when you arrive at the Old Town. If you know how many guests are coming, please let us know in advance.

Remember: you must bring your own glasses, drinks/beverages, etc.


On some days, there are many weddings taking place, and therefore it is only possible to use the room for 10-15 minutes. Would you like the celebrations to last a little longer? Visit Ribe can help you find a nice location to hold your wedding reception


There is also the possibility to arrange a reception in The Courtroom (Retssalen). Contact the Wedding Office to hear more about your options at vielse@esbjergkommune.dk


Read more at The Courtroom in The Old Town Hall - Retssalen i Det Gamle Rådhus.

Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall) is only 100 meters from Ribe Cathedral, one of Denmark's most beautiful medieval churches.


Celebrate your special day at Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall)

Celebrate your special day at Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall).


There are very few places where you can experience so much history and greatness in the same area, as you can in Ribe. Therefore, it is also the ideal place to spend time before or after your wedding day. In addition to the classic tourist attractions, such as the Ribe Cathedral and Ribe Viking Center, the city also offers a variety of food and cultural festivals each year.

At The Wadden Sea National Park, you can experience the exceptional animal and bird life of the coast, including the phenomenon Starling Magic

If you are looking to head outdoors and explore, there are many opportunities throughout the year, such as taking part in an oyster safari.


The Tourist Office in Ribe will gladly help you with advice, finding accommodation, and booking tickets to events.

At visitribe.com you can find Visit Ribe’s contact information and read more about what you can experience in the city.



In Ribe, 1,300 years of history are at your feet and follow you everywhere you go.

Accommodation and shopping in Ribe


You will find beautiful and historic hotels, and a variety of idyllic bed and breakfasts in the town. If you wish to celebrate your wedding in Ribe, you will find plenty of choices. Ribe has many good restaurants both in and outside the town center.

Inside the medieval city, you will find many interesting specialty shops and unique stores where it is possible to find exciting gifts, flowers and maybe even your wedding rings.



Ribe shopping street

Your wedding takes place in

Your wedding takes place in

Det Gamle Rådhus

Von Støckens Plads

6760 Ribe


Fridays at 10.00 - 12.30 p.m.
Saturdays in even weeks at 10.00 - 12.30 p.m.

Wedding in the open or at a special place?


Wedding on the beach, in the garden or

maybe at sea? Your wedding ceremony

can take place exactly where and when

you want it.

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The practical matters

To get married, there are a number of practical matters to settle before the wedding can take place.

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