Danish and foreign couples can get married in a romantic setting in Esbjerg Municipality

Every week, many Danish and foreign couples experience a wonderful, unforgettable wedding day in Esbjerg Municipality.

Before you can make an appointment for your wedding, we will need a few necessary documents from you in order to process your request.

If you are a Danish citizen, you must use this self-service solution

Please read more about the application process under For foreign nationals if one or both of you are foreign citizen.

We will process your request as quickly as possible, and you will receive a reply from us within approximately two weeks.

We speak Danish, English and German.


Please read the important information below.

You can get married on the following days:

Esbjerg Ting- og Arresthus (The Old City Hall & Jailhouse):
Fridays 09.40 a.m.  - 12.40 p.m.
Saturdays in odd weeks at 10.00 - 12.40

Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall in Ribe):
Fridays at 10.00 - 12.30 p.m.
Saturdays in even weeks at 10.00 - 12.30 p.m.

On the following Tuesdays we offer unscheduled wedding ceremonies at the Old Town Hall in Ribe:


Esbjerg Kommune can provide witnesses on these days.

Other places: Every day, in agreement with the Wedding Office.

If you have a special request for the place or date, please contact the Wedding Office for more information.

The Old Town Hall in Ribe and the Ting- og Arresthus in Esbjerg are closed for weddings on specified dates. For more information, see the closed dates section.

Are our guests allowed to throw with rice, confetti or similar?

It’s not allowed to throw rice, confetti, petals or similar inside or outside the town hall.

Get married in a special place

If you dream about getting married in a truly special place, you will find unique locations throughout Esbjerg Municipality. Whether you are planning a wedding on the beach, in the garden, at sea or somewhere entirely different, we are ready to conduct the official part of the wedding ceremony.


Read more on this page: Get married in a special place.


Get married in Esbjerg

The “Gamle Ting- og Arresthus” (The Old City Hall & Jailhouse) from 1892 sets the scene for your wedding. The building is centrally located at the Main Square in the heart of Esbjerg, and the ceremony takes place in the wedding room. It is possible to enjoy refreshments in an adjoining room after the ceremony.

Read more on this page: Wedding in Esbjerg.


Get married in Ribe

Ribe's medieval center with its winding streets and beautiful buildings are the perfect choice for a romantic wedding. Ribe's "Gamle Rådhus" (Old Town Hall) is more than 500 years old and the beautiful, historic premises create a unique atmosphere for your wedding.

Read more on this page: Wedding in Ribe.


The fee to be married in locations outside the town halls is 2.800 DKK

To apply to get married, you must complete the application Notice of marriage. Depending on the situation, we might also require your birth certificates and probate court certificates.

If you want to change your surname on your wedding day, you also have to  complete the application for this.

Both applications can be completed digitally. You will find applications and useful links under Documents and Links.

From 1st of January 2019 a new law takes effect, if a couple wants to get married in Denmark. Either the municipality or the state administration will be examining, if the applicants meet the requirements for a marriage in Denmark.

You can find information on weddings of foreign citizens, performed after 1st of January 2019, here at The Agency of Family Law webpage


For marriages at the "Gamle Ting & Arresthus" in Esbjerg, we can provide witnesses on Fridays, if needed.

On Saturdays, you will need to make your own arrangements for two witnesses.


For marriages at "Det Gamle Rådhus" in Ribe, we can provide witnesses on Thursdays and Fridays, if needed.

On Saturdays, you will need to make your own arrangements for two witnesses.


You must provide the names and addresses of your witnesses through the Notice of Marriage form with your NemID (if you are resident in Denmark) or by e-mail to

The wedding can be performed in either Danish, German or English.
Unless you both understand Danish, German or English, you must bring a certified interpreter.

Esbjerg Ting- og Arresthus (The Old Town Hall)


24. december - 1. januar 2022

Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall in Ribe):



24. december - 1. januar 2022


The beautiful wedding room in Esbjerg can create the romantic backdrop for your wedding.

Read more about Esbjerg's Ting- and Arresthus here.

Please contact the wedding office if you have a special request for the location and/or date.