Danish and foreign couples can get married in a romantic setting in Esbjerg Municipality

Many Danish and foreign couples experience every week a wonderful, unforgettable day in Esbjerg Municipality.
Before you can make an appointment for a wedding, you must in advance send us the documents needed for the processing.
If you are a Danish citizen you must use the self-service solution on this page: - Wedding.

If you are a foreign citizen, you must send them by e-mail and you will be charged a wedding fee.
We will process your request as quickly as possible, and you will get reply from us within about two weeks.

We speak Danish, English and German.


Read below what you have to do and remember here...

You can get married on these following days:

Esbjerg Ting- og Arresthus (The Old Town Hall):
Fridays and Saturdays pm. 10.00 - 12.40

Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall in Ribe):
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays pm. 10.00 - 12.30

Other places: Every day, in agreement with the Wedding Office.

If you have special requests for the place or date, please contact the Wedding Office for more information.

We have closed for weddings a few days at the Old Town Hall in Ribe and at Esbjerg Old Ting- og Arresthus.
For more information, see the closing days section.

Get married in a special place

Are you dreaming of getting married at a very special place, it is naturally also possible in Esbjerg Municipality. Whether you are planning a wedding on the beach, in the garden, at the sea or a completely different place, we are ready to conduct the official part of the ceremony.

Read more on this page: Get married in a special place.


Get married in Esbjerg

The "Gamle Ting- og Arresthus" (Old Courthouse) from 1892, which is located at the town square, sets the beautiful surroundings for your wedding. The ceremony takes place in the beautiful wedding room. After the ceremony, it is possible to enjoy a drink in a lovely adjoining room or in The Old City Hall, so feel free to invite family and friends to celebrate your very special day

Read more on this page: Wedding in Esbjerg.


Get married in Ribe.

Ribe's medieval center with winding streets and beautiful buildings are the perfect choice for a romantic wedding. Ribe's "Gamle Rådhus" (Old Town Hall) is more than 500 years old and the beautiful historic premises therefore creates a unique atmosphere around your wedding.

Read more on this page: Wedding in Ribe.

The fee to be married outside our two town halls is approximately:​

On weekdays until 17.00 pm: 1.200 DKR. Plus travel expenses.
On weekdays after 17.00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays: 2400 DKR. Plus travel expenses.


The final price will depend on the wedding registrars travel expenses.

To apply to get married, you must complete the application Notice of marriage. Depending on the situation, we might also require your birth certificates and probate court certificates.

If you want to change your surname on your wedding day, you also have to  complete the application for this.

Both applications can be completed digitally. You will find applications and useful links under Documents and Links.

First, we recommend that you check that a marriage, which is entered in in Denmark, is valid in your country.
Do not forget to register your marriage at your own authorities - both in the city where you are registered, as well as in your home country, if different.


Please send copies of the following documents to us by E-mail (scanned copies) to, or by post to:

Esbjerg Kommune
Att. Vielseskontoret i Ribe
Torvegade 74
DK-6700 Esbjerg

All documents must be in their original language. If the original documents are not in German or English, you are to provide translations by a certified translator.


-Notice of marriage, PDF​

Valid national passport.

Foreign nationals must enclose a copy of their passport and proof of legal residence, for example a visa, residence permit or entry stamp.

Birth certificate.

and any documentation of name change.

Proof of current and marital status.

The documentation must state your name, address for at least the past year, date of birth and current marital status.
If you have lived in different countries after the age of 18, it may be necessary to obtain a marital status certificate from each country.
The documents must not be more than four months old.

Divorce/ death certificate.

If either or both of you have been married before, we request a divorce or death certificate.
The divorce must be legally in force and final.

If the above documents are not issued in Europe, the US, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Australia or New Zealand, they must have legalisation or apostille certification.


Legalisation is an unbroken chain of signatures that typically follows this procedure:

  1. The original document with signature or an original duplicate or printout confirmed by the authority that issued the original document.
  2. The authority above the issuing authority confirms the signature on the document or certification. This is usually done by the ministry to which the issuing authority belongs.
  3. The Foreign Ministry’s signature must in turn be confirmed by the local Danish representation. For more information, see

Wedding certificate/ apostle on your marriage certificate

In connection with the ceremony, we present you with two international marriage certificates, issued in five languages (Danish, German, English, Spanish and French).

If you send your marriage certificate abroad, often an apostille is required.

A certificate issued in Denmark alone can have an apostle at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen (this is possible via mail).

Reissue of a marriage certificate

Please send the following information to us via E-mail:
-If the wedding ceremony in Ribe Esbjerg or place
-The number of the marriage certificate (if applicable)
-Date and year of marriage
-Your current address.

US and British soldiers stationed in Germany must instead provide:

  • Military ID Card
  • Leave Order from their top commander containing address and marital status certificate (affidavit of being single)

Processing time: ca. 2 weeks


Foreigners must be registered before the wedding.

Personally - both persons, Giørtz Plads, 6760 Ribe follows:
Between the hours Tuesdays. 12 pm. 14 marriages Thursdays.
Between the hours Thursdays. 10 pm. 12 marriages Fridays and Saturdays.

Remember passports, visas and other original documents that you have sent us a copy - both in the original language and in any translation
If your documents are insufficient, we can not complete the ceremony.

Verification fee.

If neither of you resides in Denmark, you will have to pay 850 DKR/ EUR 115 for our casework on reviewing and verifying your marriage.

Please transfer the amount in euros, as otherwise, due to bankers, we will not receive the full amount.


Please label the deposit “Wedding” and give the surnames of both of you.

The verification fee is not refundable if the wedding ceremony, for some reason, can't be performed.

The wedding itself is free of charge.

Please deposit this amount in Esbjerg Municipality’s account:
IBAN DK2520005036170974

By marriages in the "Gamle Ting & Arresthus" office in Esbjerg we can, if necessary, provide witnesses provided on Fridays.

Saturdays you need to have your own two witnesses.


By marriages at "Det Gamle Rådhus" in Ribe we can provide, if necessary, witnesses available on Thursdays and Fridays.

Saturdays you need to have your own two witnesses.


Name and addresses of the witnesses, must be informed through the Notice of marriage for resident in Denmark with NemID, or by E-mail to

The wedding will be performed in either Danish, German or English.
Unless you both understand Danish, German or English, you must bring a certified interpreter.

Esbjerg Ting- og Arresthus (The Old Town Hall)


24. - 30. December


24. - 30. December


Det Gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall in Ribe):


24. - 30. December


28. September
8. December
24. - 30. December


If you want to get married on September 28th or December 8th, do not worry, it's only the Old Town Hall in Ribe that is closed these 2 dates.

You still have the opportunity to get married at Esbjerg's Old Ting- and Arresthus, which is centrally located at the Town Square, in the heart of Esbjerg.

Here, the beautiful wedding room, sets the romantic atmosphere of your wedding.

Read more about Esbjerg's Old Ting- and Arresthus here.

Please contact the wedding office if you have a special request for the place and / or date.

An unforgettable wedding day...


Do you wish to marry at an unforgettable date? 

It could be the 11.11.17, the 08.18.18. or at another special date.

Make your wedding the celebration of the year

Make your wedding the celebration of the year

Would you like to get married one evening when the whole world celebrate with you, New Year's Eve is now a possibility.


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