Changes in our wedding schedule

The weddings take place at Ting- og Arresthuset every Friday and every other Saturday (in odd weeks). On Friday we can ask witnesses.


At the Old Town Hall in Ribe, weddings are held every Friday and every other Saturday (for even weeks) We can provide witnesses on Fridays. Saturday only with own witnesses.

If you live abroad, please contact the wedding office, as there are several entry rules due to travel restrictions.

You can keep yourself updated on the current entry rules on this web site:

Meet the Wedding registrars

When you are going to get married, our wedding registrars and witnesses (if required) are ready to make your wedding the highlight of the day.

Below, you can see and read a little more about our wedding registrars.

Affiliated to the Gamle Ting- og Arresthus office in Esbjerg

Gitte Bjerregaard

Gitte Bjerregaard

I have been a wedding registrar since 2007 and it is a lovely break from everyday routine. Every wedding is special and I always try to bring warmth and empathy to the occasion and give each wedding couple a memorable day. Regardless of whether the ceremony is held in the municipality’s offices or elsewhere, I try to sense what you want and what you need. After all, it is YOUR big day.

Affiliated to the Det Gamle Rådhus in Ribe

Dorte Thomsen

Dorte Thomsen

I have been a wedding registrar at Esbjerg Municipality since 2014. The most important thing for me as a wedding registrar, is that you will have a lovely and memorable day.

I always try to give you a good experience. The best day for me as wedding registrar, is when you are happy and like my efforts. 




Bente Elkjær Larsen

Bente Elkjær Larsen

I have been a wedding registrar since 2013. I meet wedding the couples with a great respect for diversity. It is important for me that the ceremony creates an atmosphere that leaves you with a very special and unforgettable experience. It must leave you with the sense that there is time and place for love and intimacy. To me it is important that you are at the center of attention and that there is time and opportunity for just the atmosphere that you are helping to create. It is a great pleasure to be able to be a part of your big day and see your love for each other.

Katrin Sanderink

Katrin Sanderink

I have wed the first couples in Esbjerg Municipality in December 2018. For me as a registrar, it is both an honour and a great pleasure to accompany couples from near and far on their first steps into a mutual life.

Each wedding has its own magic. We strive to meet your wishes and expectations, so that you and your guests can relax and feel that magic on your special day.

I think it is an unaccountable bonus, that we here in Esbjerg Municipality can offer you a wedding in such sublime surroundings.

Make your wedding the celebration of the year

Make your wedding the celebration of the year

Would you like to get married one evening when the whole world celebrate with you, New Year's Eve is now a possibility.


Wedding in the open or at a special place?


Wedding on the beach, in the garden or

maybe at sea? Your wedding ceremony

can take place exactly where and when

you want it.

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