Changes in our wedding schedule

The weddings take place at Ting- og Arresthuset every Friday and every other Saturday (in odd weeks). On Friday we can ask witnesses.


At the Old Town Hall in Ribe, weddings are held every Friday and every other Saturday (for even weeks) We can provide witnesses on Fridays. Saturday only with own witnesses.

If you live abroad, please contact the wedding office, as there are several entry rules due to travel restrictions.

You can keep yourself updated on the current entry rules on this web site:

Get married in a special place

If you dream about getting married in a truly special place, you will find unique locations throughout Esbjerg Municipality. Whether you are planning a wedding on the beach, in the garden, at sea or somewhere entirely different, we are ready to conduct the official part of the wedding ceremony.

Wedding on the beach, Esbjerg

Wedding on the beach, Esbjerg

For example, you can choose to get married at


Contact the Wedding Office to hear more about the range of beautiful and unique places we have to offer.


Get married at special events

Are you looking for something special? We offer couples the chance to get married at special events, such as Tall Ships Races in Esbjerg, the annual Tulip Festival in Ribe (May/June) or in connection with other special events.

Get married at sea

If you want to get married at sea, our wedding registrars are available to perform the wedding ceremony on the water, but you must arrange a ship or other sea vessel.


If a ceremony at sea is for you, read more about the requirements on the Procedure page. You are also welcome to contact the Wedding Office and we can find a suitable solution together.


How the wedding ceremony takes place

It is very important to us that your wedding take place in accordance with your wishes. One of our registrars will conduct the official part of the ceremony, accompanied by a wedding speech on love and marriage. Afterwards, there will be time to exchange rings and to take wedding photos. The ceremony ends with the presentation of your marriage certificate.

Wedding in Esbjerg

In Esbjerg, ceremonies take place at the Gamle Ting- og Arresthus (The Old City Hall & Jailhouse), a beautiful building towering 30 meters towards the sky.

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Wedding in Ribe

In Ribe, weddings are held in the beautiful and historic premises of The Old Town Hall. The building is over 500 years old and has a lovely atmosphere.

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The practical matters

To get married, there are a number of practical matters to settle before the wedding can take place.

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