Due to the Prime Minister’s announcement of the lock down of public services in Denmark, there are changes in our wedding schedule.

You can get married at Ting- og Arresthuset in Esbjerg every Friday and on Saturdays in uneven weeks, as well as at the Old Townhall in Ribe every Friday and on Saturdays in even weeks.


Due to corona restrictions currently only residents of Schleswig-Holstein are allowed to cross the Danish border without a worthy reason. Therefore, couples from this part of Germany can still get married at the Old Townhall in Ribe.

You can keep yourself updated on the current entry rules on this web site: https://coronasmitte.dk/en/entry-into-denmark

In order to reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, a maximum of 2 guests are currently allowed at a wedding ceremony.

Everyone has to wear a mouth nose protection mask when entering the house!


If you need help, don't hesitate to contact the wedding office - by phone or in writing.


Esbjerg Kommune

Grønvangsvej 9A

6700 Esbjerg

Email: vielse@esbjergkommune.dk

Phone +45 61 36 09 69


Telephone opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am - 13 pm


Wedding ceremonies can be held at:

Det Gamle Rådhus i Ribe         

Von Støckens Plads                  

6760 Ribe                                         


Ting- og Arresthuset i Esbjerg 

Skolegade 33

6700 Esbjerg   


Or somewhere entirely else ...


You can read more about weddings in Esbjerg on VisitDK's website here: VisitEsbjerg and VisitRibe


You can also read the brochure about weddings here: Weddings in Ribe.

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Wedding in Esbjerg

In Esbjerg, ceremonies take place at the Gamle Ting- og Arresthus (The Old City Hall & Jailhouse), a beautiful building towering 30 meters towards the sky.

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Wedding in Ribe

In Ribe, weddings are held in the beautiful and historic premises of The Old Town Hall. The building is over 500 years old and has a lovely atmosphere.

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